Stop the Burn with an Owner Rental Program

By: Blake Morgan

Man looks out from hotel railing, above city, river

In the shared-ownership world, a positive return on an investment made by a management group often leads to more return for an owner. Enter the option of an Owner Rental Program. A rental program provides an opportunity for management to get “heads in the beds” and a way for owners to collect income on their ownership where inventory would normally burn or go unused. The administration of revenue split between management and owner is generally laborious and difficult, which leads many resort managers to shy away from offering a rental program.
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Shadow Loan Servicing Optimization

By: Marcus Jones


The recent SS&C Precision LM webinar discussed keeping operations efficient during times of regulatory change. One major focus was using shadow loan servicing as an added layer of control to ensure you receive complete and accurate payment information from third-party servicers. Having an independent set of checks and balances mitigates economic risk and provides great value to any size portfolio.
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Enrollment and EOI Survey Reveals Major Opportunities for Automation

By: Russ Petrucci

Presentation about automation to improve reliability and productivity

Over the last few years, SS&C participants in the LIMRA Enrollment Technology Strategy seminars have noticed vendors of enrollment and private exchange solutions are pressuring group benefits providers to simplify plan designs, offer only guaranteed coverage, and eliminate the evidence of insurability (EOI) process.
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New UCITS Directive Creates Symmetry with AIFMD

By: Mark McLoughlin and Emma Foley

Regulatory Solutions group_opt3

The new Undertakings for the Collective Investment in Transferable Securities V (UCITS V) directive (implemented in Q1 2016) introduces several corresponding measures that have not historically been regulated. The new measures bring the existing UCITS (IV) regime in line with AIFMD. Here’s more about the changes and how they affect you.
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Irish funds growth: Will the trend continue?

By: Colin Keane


After a poor first quarter, the Irish funds industry grew in Q2. Total assets under management were up by 4.75% versus Q1 and up 1% YTD; UCITS and QIAIF assets increased significantly. The number of funds also increased slightly, suggesting that average fund performance is up. Having fallen badly in Q1, the statistics on UCITS funds are similar to those from the end of 2015, with the Q2 gains offsetting the Q1 losses. YTD, QIAIFs have grown by 4% and remain a large growth area due to the success of the ICAV and the increase in private equity-style investments.
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SS&C Survey Cites Regulatory Changes Enabling More Investment Options as Both Key Driver and Challenge for APAC Asset Managers

By: Arjun Jayamohan

the light trails

As a world leader in technology for asset and wealth management operations, it is crucial for SS&C to stay ahead of the curve in providing the technology products and services the industry demands in various global markets, both now and in the future. SS&C’s 2016 “Wealth Management Operations & Technology Survey of Trust and Asset Managers in the Philippines” is just one of the many ways we keep our finger on the pulse of Asia/Pacific Financial Services Industry trends.
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Market Changes in 2016 Trigger Increased Investment in Illiquid Assets

By: Punit Satsangi


We’ve seen a lot of change and volatility in 2016 and there are concerns that some regions are moving towards Japan-style stagnation. This is especially true in Europe, where there are ageing populations, troubled/undercapitalized banks, and poor growth.
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Empower Your Learning Experience

By: Kendall Reischl


At SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions, we believe that self-directed learning must be as flexible as possible. Each person’s learning styles are unique, as are each learner’s life circumstances. Maybe you are a full-time university student tasked with passing an exam in your MBA program. Or maybe you are a busy executive who can only find time to take in bite-sized amounts of learning material during your morning commute. We believe we have the solution for each type of learner and will make specialized recommendations for each.
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Asset management: Plans and State-of-the-Art Technology are a Must

By: Dianna Farkas


The asset management sector is increasingly competitive and businesses without a solid strategy are chugging along on borrowed time. It’s crucial to have a detailed business plan, including a definitive blueprint of goals and strategies. Managers must understand many factors, including target markets and investor type. They must also tailor a service proposition to the needs of each.
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Trends in Fund Administration: Consolidation, Fee Alignment and Blurring Lines of Business

By Eamonn Greaves


Earlier this year SS&C completed the acquisition of Citi Fund Services, a deal that highlights a couple of key trends we are seeing in the industry: a general consolidation and the decision by some large banks to exit the fund admin business.
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