Keeping up with tech-savvy clients

By: Mike Kendall

According to the “2015 Global Wealth Report” by the Boston Consulting Group, personal wealth in Western Europe increased by 6.6% between 2013 and 2014. This growth was reflected in the wealth management industry. To benefit from this market growth, wealth managers must meet the ever-evolving expectations of their clients.

Many of today’s consumers use smart phones and tablets to interact with the corporate world. The financial services industry is adapting to and embracing these communication media. Mobile banking is firmly established in the retail sector and tech-savvy investors are looking for similar functionality from their wealth managers.

Wealth managers also face increasing competition from new market entrants that often engage cutting-edge technology to offer an improved service and keep costs low. Traditional wealth managers need to source the right technology to industrialize their operations, to support the investment process and decision making, and to give their clients the data and accessibility they expect.

Determining the right service level and delivery channels is complicated; one person’s expectation of service will rarely be the same as the next. Ultimately, the wealth manager needs to be able to deliver on all their clients’ expectations if they want to remain a provider of choice. Face-to-face interactions with wealth managers are mirrored by the virtual interactions clients have with the wealth management firm. Firms that do not provide a slick and modern virtual interface will not make a good impression, and fail to capitalize on what has become a vital touchpoint with clients.

The Varden solution from SS&C provides access to key investment insights on demand and across multiple devices and channels. Wealth managers can easily configure branding and layout choices, and provide their clients with access to the data they require in print and online across all major browsers and device types. The solution’s Presentation Builder module enables advisors to create customized client and new prospect materials from the office or via tablet devices. Varden blends data from key source systems across the business, so clients can fully understand their investment information, and ensures wealth management firms are giving their clients the seamless, intuitive experience they expect.

To learn more about SS&C Varden, watch our video overview, download a brochure, or contact

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