Global Gateway Unveiled at IASA Conference

By Kendall Reischl, Corporate Communications Manager

This morning at the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA) Annual Conference in San Antonio, we announced Global Gateway, our new SaaS platform for web-based portfolio and operational reporting and analytics.

Specifically designed for insurance companies and other buy-side asset managers, SS&C Global Gateway makes comprehensive investment reporting and analytics simple through dynamic, customizable dashboards. Customers will notice more sophisticated analytics and superior functionality than SaaS platforms powered by one-size fits all back-end solutions thanks to SS&C’s best-of-breed technology on the back end delivered through transparent services.

SS&C Global Gateway key features include:

  • Ability to handle a very broad range of asset classes — including fixed income and derivatives
  • Best-in class performance reporting and global multicurrency reporting
  • Third party data feeds that can be aggregated and reconciled with the company’s own data
  • Global risk assessment and full Solvency II compliance
  • Advanced web technology and responsive design ensure ease of use 24/7 from any desktop or handheld device

Learn more about SS&C Global Gateway:

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