SS&C Hedge Fund Index Suite – 10 years of Industry Data

By: Justin Meagher

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You may have seen last week that we published the latest SS&C GlobeOp Capital Movement and Performance Indices. Tomorrow we’ll follow those up with the most recent Forward Redemption Indicator. These three individual pieces of data make up the SS&C Hedge Fund Index suite, which now contains a full 10 years of independent, consistent, and credible data beginning with January 2006.

The suite’s 3 indices all have a very specific purpose – the Capital Movement Index measures capital flows for the given month, the Forward Redemption Indicator reports redemption notices for the coming 5 years, and the Performance Index provides a flash, interim, and final return for each month-end reporting period. Collectively, they provide a complete picture of investor sentiment, liquidity, and performance in the hedge fund space for any given time period.

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Although there are a number of other industry indices, the SS&C Hedge Fund Index is the 1st independently derived and confirmed index and as such, does not have selection bias and is verified. The index is based on hedge funds administered by SS&C GlobeOp and excludes managed funds, daily/weekly/ quarterly, funds with suspended NAVs, and fund of funds. The index includes a diverse universe of strategies.

On a monthly basis, SS&C releases the results of its Capital Movement and Performance Indices on business day 9, followed by the Forward Redemption Indicator on business day 15. Capital flows are published based on current month activity processed in our systems, while the Performance Index publishes first as an initial flash on business day 9, followed by an interim report one month later, with a final value issued during the subsequent month.

The index suite is capital weighted and demonstrates a low correlation to the equity markets with lower volatility.

The index is widely followed and generates over 350 headlines across 25 publications per year. For the last 12 months, the site had 6,000 distinct users and 19,000 page views for all site related content.

To learn more about the SS&C Hedge Fund Index, visit its dedicated page here.

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