Simplifying the Complex Investment Accounting Process at Insurance Companies

By Iwona Olszewska

Diagram on Tablet Screen

Ever increasing market and regulatory complexities facing today’s insurance firms can be a headache for asset managers who need to worry about adding new functionality to their investment management software technology, and maintaining the in-house expertise to apply these new, complicated rules to a wider range of asset classes. In addition, in order for asset managers to create accurate reports and analytics to support these complexities, they are often forced to extract and integrate data from multiple applications, or settle for a single, one-size-fits all solution that does many things, but few exceptionally.

How can insurance investment management operations resolve this dilemma?

The answer is  SS&C Global Gateway™, a hybrid SaaS-delivered service-based solution from SS&C that combines expert application outsourcing services using best-in class software, delivered through a highly-functional web-enabled SaaS front end.

Best-in-Class Services Combined with Best-in-Class Technology

SS&C Global Gateway™ delivers the expertise of SS&C’s leading investment accounting services team, powered by the industry’s best-in-class software technology that it owns and supports. All functionality is delivered through an easy to use web interface built on a single data layer, and enabled with comprehensive investment reporting; portfolio and operational analytics that feature best-in class reporting for performance/attribution, global multi currency, and robust tax, as well as global risk assessment; and full Solvency II compliance.

SS&C Global Gateway™ includes a wide array of standard reports as well as ad-hoc query capabilities. Clients can utilize dynamic dashboards that are easily customized by the end user. Advanced web technology and responsive design ensure ease of use 24/7 from any desktop or handheld device. There is no simpler, easier way to put world-class investment accounting, reporting, and analytics at the fingertips of every user, no matter what their level of database or application training.

Eliminating Operational Risk

With SS&C Global Gateway™, all the underlying technology enhancements and data processing is handled by SS&C’s expert services team.  Because SS&C owns and maintains all its own software, we are always ahead of the curve on adding functionality to handle new markets, asset classes, or regulations. We never have to wait for third-party enhancements or upgrades, and neither do you.  Our expertise is your expertise, which eliminates over dependency on in-house personnel and helps manage the true cost of running an internal world-class IT organization. Data quality is carefully monitored. And SS&C’s wholly-owned data centers provide the highest levels of cyber security.

Learn more about SS&C Global Gateway™ by watching this short video:

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