Savvy Clients Want Instant, Dynamic Reports

By: Mike Kendall

Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept

The world of investor reporting is changing quickly. Today’s investors want instant, easy-to-understand, dynamic, and informative reports on their investment activity.

Some things have not changed. Data integration remains critical to reporting success, and is something many companies continue to struggle with. Often data feeds have been hacked together to provide the data structures required for reporting using inadequate software. Finding an efficient reporting solution which handles the data integration challenge is essential. It allows the team to blend data from a variety of internal and external sources through a controlled and eminently repeatable process.

The focus on moving content from print to online continues to grow as electronic delivery becomes safer, more efficient, dynamic, and cost-effective. For many investors, viewing information online has become the norm. Forward-thinking firms will use this as an opportunity to learn more about their clients’ behaviours and priorities by tracking their portal usage. The lines between marketing collateral and client reporting content are increasingly blurred as the data structures and content that support client reporting can be useful in marketing strategies to attract new clients and upsell to existing ones.

Ultimately, investment managers must find ways to separate themselves from their competition. Providing higher-quality market insights and improved transparency through state-of-the-art delivery methods (e.g. interactive, intuitive investor portals) enriches and strengthens the client relationship. Client reporting is the most frequent contact point investment managers and advisors have with their clients; what better way to maximise the experience than to deliver the most insightful content via convenient and modern tools?


Varden eReportal from SS&C delivers meaningful results to your investors. It streamlines the process of collecting data, designing, and publishing client communications, making it efficient and easy. It creates a customized, dynamic visual representation of key transparency artefacts like investment performance, exposures and context any time, across any print or digital channel.

Visit this page to learn more about how Varden eReportal can help you provide more dynamic reports to your clients.

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