SS&C Announces New Black Diamond Partnerships with Riskalyze and Advizr

By Kendall Reischl

Pen pointing at a digital tablet


Today we announced expanded capabilities to our Black Diamond wealth management platform. The most exciting of these new capabilities are the integrations with our partners, Riskalyze and Advizr.

Advizr’s interactive financial planning solution allows advisors to collaborate directly with their clients on their financial plans.

Riskalyze’s technology helps advisors align potential investments with each individual investor’s risk preference.

In talking with our clients, we’ve found that many advisors spend large parts of their days preparing for client meetings by manually pulling data and reports from multiple systems, trying to fit it all together. It takes their time away from meeting with clients and provides clients with a disjointed, sometimes even hard to understand, experience.

Our new partnerships today make life easier for advisors, providing an integrated experience across financial planning from Advizr and risk alignment from Riskalyze. This integrated experience will help you deliver clear information to clients through a single, dedicated service relationship model.

In addition to our partnerships with Riskalyze and Advizr, we also announced new client reporting and business intelligence capabilities within Black Diamond. These new enhancements are intended to improve the dialogue between advisors and their clients. They also provide senior management at large, complex advisory firms with the ability to easily see trends and health across the firm and slice and dice data in different ways.

To learn more about these partnerships and enhancements to Black Diamond, click here.


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