SS&C Deliver: Thanks for Three Perfect Days

By: Kendall Reischl

We’ve all read those “Three Perfect Days” travel features in the inflight magazines, right? Well, we couldn’t have asked for three better days than SS&C Deliver 2016 in San Diego.


SS&C Chairman and CEO Bill Stone set the tone in his welcoming remarks, when he said, “We are only as good as our clients’ success.” In the time since SS&C acquired Advent, the company has continued to pursue companies that are a good fit for clients, acquiring Varden, Primatics, and Citi Fund Services. Acquisitions enable SS&C to add solutions that clients need to be successful without building them from scratch, Bill explained, noting that the company has also invested an eight-figure sum in R&D this year.

bts_1632Speaking of investment, SS&C continues to invest in making our products better, and conference attendees got to see some of the results: exciting new integration alliances with Black Diamond, accelerating the evolution towards a total wealth management platform; a new version of Axys, and new features in APX; the introduction of the Geneva Enterprise Information Store, which will dramatically improve system speed and performance; and the enhanced technology hosting and services offering through SS&C Advent Outsourcing Services.

Besides learning what’s new, conference attendees also had a chance to learn from each other. Our peer-to-peer roundtables gave people the opportunity to talk about issues and challenges they face in common, and find out firsthand how other firms are dealing with those same issues.

bts_1812The conference also delved into current industry issues and trends. Neil Simon, the Investment Advisers Association VP for Government Relations, gave us some insight into the likely impact of the senate, house and presidential elections on legislation affecting then industry. Tom DeMayo of PKF O’Connor Davies and Tim Simons from Focus 1 provided the SEC’s perspective on cybersecurity – one of the biggest issues keeping investment managers up at night. And Jason Millard of Ashland Partners gave us an update on GIPS compliance and its influence on industry marketing trends.

This year’s guest speaker, former ambassador to Mexico Earl Anthony Wayne, stirred up a lot of discussion with his expert analysis on the vital relationship between the US and Mexico – a relationship that, he feels, is being badly misrepresented in the current political discourse. It was a great opportunity to get out of our industry mindset for a moment and think about some of the bigger issues that affect our economy and society.

Finally, the Farewell Pool Party gave us a chance to take in the balmy San Diego evening and get to know each other outside of the work environment.


SS&C Deliver was the first conference of its kind for the company, and by any measure it was a huge success. Thanks to the SS&C Advent crew that pulled it off, to the exhibitors and sponsors for their valuable role, and especially to our 1,100 attendees from around the world. Your enthusiastic participation and interaction is what really makes this event every year. We hope SS&C Deliver delivered for you.





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