SS&C Technologies and Moco, Inc. Revolutionize Background Screening Reports

By: Eric Decker

Young business couple discussing rental agreement.

Under the traditional tenant screening model, tenants pay an application fee to the landlord, who orders a tenant screening report from their CRA that is returned directly to the landlord. Tenants cannot review their reports or dispute inaccuracies before the landlord decides to accept or deny the application. The traditional process often results in false positives (e.g. with criminal background reports), which cause prospective tenants to be rejected and lose non-refundable application fees.

With from SS&C and Moco, Inc., prospective tenants can now request their own criminal background, credit, and rental history reports from a qualified third party. The tenant can review reports and dispute inaccuracies before they release personal information to prospective landlords. Reusable screening reports are set to revolutionize the lease approval process; they are accurate and comprehensive and save tenants and property owners/managers time and money.

Reports are delivered through a secure standardized delivery system, where both the tenant and landlord are credentialed using the industry’s most advanced third party identity verification software. The reports come from the industry’s most trusted sources and are certified for accuracy by a unique hands-on data verification process created by Moco, Inc.; this eliminates false positives in the raw data. CRAs can then pass reports straight through to their landlord clients, confident the data is accurate and trustworthy.

Many CRAs want to offer a reusable screening report service but lack the infrastructure to build the platform or properly verify the data provided to the consumer. This made the exhibit popular at the NAPBS annual conference. It’s an exciting, revolutionary offering that’s changing the background screening landscape.

Read our press release for more information on our screening solutions or click here.

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