Centralized Data and Reporting are Keys to Successful Asset Management

By Tamara Sablic and Amy O’Leary


SS&C GlobeOp recently won a mandate to provide middle- and back-office services and regulatory solutions to a leading global asset manager with $244bn in assets under management. What makes us the perfect choice? Find out here.

SS&C GlobeOp Leads the Industry in Middle-Office Solutions

The newest asset management client at SS&C GlobeOp is a highly complex, global investment manager and broker/dealer. With multiple business lines and thousands of investments across the capital structure, this manager needs the most effective and efficient centralized data and reporting system available.

That’s why they came to us.

Our experts and industry-leading technology provide the infrastructure, flexibility, and scalability to effectively streamline middle-office processes and support a manager’s future growth.

SS&C GlobeOp has extensive experience supporting complex institutional asset managers. We understand that to be a fully integrated, cost-efficient asset manager with an institutional standard middle-office solution is the ultimate goal.

We provide asset managers with an innovative outsourced middle-office solution for fund accounting, performance measurement, reporting, and data management. We also provide an official investment book of record (IBOR) for portfolio managers that trade across the globe.

Our middle-office services include:

  • Trade capture and maintenance
  • Security master
  • Data warehouse
  • Trade matching and confirmations
  • Trade record keeping
  • Pre– and post-settlements
  • Reconciliation (position, valuation, cash, and collateral)
  • Independent valuation
  • Valuation verification
  • Collateral management
  • Derivatives processing
  • Corporate action processing
  • Wire processing
  • Post-trade compliance
  • Portfolio accounting (GAV/NAV)
  • Performance reporting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Document management

We manage the trade life cycle process for you. We leverage our own industry-leading technology to capture trade details and manage their life cycles, valuations, and collateral requirements across all instrument types. We provide valuations, accounting, and all other required data. We deliver trade data back to our clients’ systems and to third parties as required. We also provide reporting to regulators and their clients.

Our highly secured transparency tool provides a real-time view of key factors in effective processing and operational risk management across your portfolio. We conform to the highest industry standards, including SOC 1 certified institutional caliber infrastructure and controls, and wholly owned and operated data centers.

SS&C GlobeOp’s middle-office solution is a highly flexible service for complex investment portfolios and structures. Our experienced and knowledgeable team uses industry-leading technology to provide full post-trade support so asset managers can invest with confidence. We have extensive experience; we successfully support hundreds of global blue chip asset managers. We combine our service experience with our proven, scalable infrastructure to provide an effective and efficient market-leading middle-office solution.

For more information, view our press release.

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