Need to Fact-Check Your Data? We Can Help

By: David Craig

Fact Check. True or False

It seems with every new election season, there are more and more accusations of false statements and the call for immediate fact-checking. It’s hard to avoid – just turn on the television, look at your phone, or log on to your computer and you are inundated with messages telling you to check the facts. Luckily, for those inclined to look, this task has become almost deceptively easy with news organizations, social media, and web pages specifically designed to instantly check and comment on anything the candidates say or do.

This fact-checking is also important in the investment space. While there is a lot of focus on the ever-changing regulatory requirements and the possible rollback of some of the Dodd Frank restrictions, it remains important for investment managers to have sustainable, historic, and quick access to their investment data.

Firms need an integrated solution with a robust auditing mechanism at every step to validate and quality check all data at every point in the workflow. SS&C offers a full solution that helps our clients meet and exceed their data quality fact-checking requirements. We cover the workflow spectrum to ensure that all aspects of investing are validated.

Our solution includes:

  • All interfaces for data imports with a full complement of business rules to ensure the completeness of the information at origin
  • Audit trails to track the data at every entry point or update which gives full before and after views of all information tracked
  • Comprehensive state of compliance reports that validate all applicable client and regulatory-driven rules are being tracked and applied to all investments
  • A robust reporting solution with full workflow integration for final review and sign-off to ensure a “four eyes” principle (fact) check of all data going to clients and regulators, including the appropriate disclosure statements with performance returns.

This is all immediately available to internal users with our data visualization tools and to their clients via our client portal. We give our clients peace of mind. When they partner with us, they are confident that they have the right tools to accurately and efficiently fact-check their data.

For additional information, download our brochure, request a demo, or contact us at

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