Empower Your Learning Experience

By: Kendall Reischl


At SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions, we believe that self-directed learning must be as flexible as possible. Each person’s learning styles are unique, as are each learner’s life circumstances. Maybe you are a full-time university student tasked with passing an exam in your MBA program. Or maybe you are a busy executive who can only find time to take in bite-sized amounts of learning material during your morning commute. We believe we have the solution for each type of learner and will make specialized recommendations for each.

Pre-tests are often used as a way of “testing out” of a course. Not sure whether you’ve mastered the pre-requisites for an advanced derivatives course? Try a quick pre-test on one of the more introductory courses and see how you do. If you score well you may decide to skip the pre-requisites and head right into the deep end of the more advanced material.

It is a core value of ours that an adult learner should be empowered to tailor the educational experience to his or her own preferences. With Zoologic you are free to skip lessons and pages, take tests many times or zero times, and otherwise direct the learning experience you would like to have.

To find out more about Zoologic, please download our brochures, request more information or email us at solution@sscinc.com.

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