SS&C Survey Cites Regulatory Changes Enabling More Investment Options as Both Key Driver and Challenge for APAC Asset Managers

By: Arjun Jayamohan

the light trails

As a world leader in technology for asset and wealth management operations, it is crucial for SS&C to stay ahead of the curve in providing the technology products and services the industry demands in various global markets, both now and in the future. SS&C’s 2016 “Wealth Management Operations & Technology Survey of Trust and Asset Managers in the Philippines” is just one of the many ways we keep our finger on the pulse of Asia/Pacific Financial Services Industry trends.

The survey group of 65 asset managers in Philippine-based firms were asked to assess the impact of technology and market trends in four key areas of their businesses: Growth of their Business, Operations, Budget Allocation, and Performance Measurement and Attribution.

The survey revealed that regulatory changes enabling broader investment options, automation of middle and back office processes, and meeting reporting requirements for performance measurement and attribution, are among the top concerns for the success of this group’s wealth management operations. Nearly 80% of those surveyed indicated that regulatory changes enabling broader investment options would impact the growth of their businesses, followed by the automation of manual middle and back office processes at about 70%. More than 70% of respondents indicated that pressure on performance returns would have a major impact while only about 17% of the survey sample indicated the fund passporting would have any significant impact on business growth.

In the Operational Challenges category, once again, regulatory changes enabling a wider range of investments options was cited as a trend that could have the most potential impact, followed again by automation of manual front and back-office processes. In the Budget Allocation category, nearly 60% of respondents indicated the demand for better Performance Measurement & Attribution would get the most budget allocation in their asset management operations.

When asked to evaluate the priorities for improving the Performance Measurement & Attribution, 71% of respondents indicated that meeting reporting requirements was very important, followed by performance data management at just over 68%.

Download the complete survey results today.

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