Irish funds growth: Will the trend continue?

By: Colin Keane


After a poor first quarter, the Irish funds industry grew in Q2. Total assets under management were up by 4.75% versus Q1 and up 1% YTD; UCITS and QIAIF assets increased significantly. The number of funds also increased slightly, suggesting that average fund performance is up. Having fallen badly in Q1, the statistics on UCITS funds are similar to those from the end of 2015, with the Q2 gains offsetting the Q1 losses. YTD, QIAIFs have grown by 4% and remain a large growth area due to the success of the ICAV and the increase in private equity-style investments.

Key Facts                                                                                                             

UCITS funds

YTD asset growth: remained the same

Net assets: up to $1,447bn from $1,386bn at the end of Q1 2016

Number of funds: up to 3,929 from 3,901 at the end of Q1 2016


YTD asset growth: up 4%

Net assets: up to $385bn from $363bn at the end of Q1 2016

Number of funds: up to 1,965 from 1,961 at the end of Q1 2016

Total Irish domiciled funds

YTD asset growth: up 1%

Net assets: up to $1,917bn from $1,830bn at the end of Q1 2016

Number of funds: up to 6,266 from 6,242 at the end of Q1 2016


The rebound eases fears of continued poor performance and the increase in the number of funds highlights Ireland’s continued popularity as a fund domicile. Nonetheless, uncertainty following the US presidential election, lack of clarity over the tax implications of S110, and the UK’s intention to invoke Article 50 could all continue to impact the market.

The uptake of the ICAV vehicle remains strong, and there has been success in the unregulated vehicle and private equity space. There are signs that PE managers do not consider the lack of viable LP vehicle an obstacle. Once legislation is passed, however, it will be expected to facilitate structures more commonly seen in other jurisdictions and provide another compelling reason for managers and investors to choose Ireland in their PE ventures.

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