Stop the Burn with an Owner Rental Program

By: Blake Morgan

Man looks out from hotel railing, above city, river

In the shared-ownership world, a positive return on an investment made by a management group often leads to more return for an owner. Enter the option of an Owner Rental Program. A rental program provides an opportunity for management to get “heads in the beds” and a way for owners to collect income on their ownership where inventory would normally burn or go unused. The administration of revenue split between management and owner is generally laborious and difficult, which leads many resort managers to shy away from offering a rental program.

We understand this concept at SS&C. Our updated TimeShareWare software platform provides an all-encompassing solution that allows both owners and resort management to get more return of their timeshare investment, without the burden that usually accompanies rental program management. Owners are provided with increased flexibility in how they can use their product, and resort management is provided an additional revenue stream to increase the bottom line.

Simple setup, uncomplicated integration with existing screens and helpful reporting tools mean that implementing a rental program can be quick and easy. The program provides resort management the ability to control inventory movement, handle multiple rental agreements and calculate and split rental fees. Rental credit earned by owners can easily be distributed by either printing checks directly from the application or applying those credits to pay for maintenance fees and like items.

SS&C’s TimeShareWare is a state-of-the-art software platform that offers best-of-breed management solutions for all sizes and types of shared-ownership resorts, including timeshare, fractional, condo-hotel, vacation rental and points-based clubs. TimeShareWare stands apart as the clear industry leader and the most advanced resort technology in the world.

For more information or a demonstration of how TimeShareWare can help turn your burning inventory into a positive return for you and your owners, click here.

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