The Advantage of Ratio Utility Billing

By: Ghawi & Company


There are many instances where it is cost-prohibitive to install separate metering systems for each residence. In these cases, RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System) presents an excellent way for the manager to recover utility costs and, in so doing, increase cash flow to the property.

One of the additional benefits gained with RUBS is increased conservation. Utility consumption, on average, decreases from 5% to 40% once a RUBS program is announced and implemented. Both the EPA and the National Apartment Association have conducted studies that concluded such billing encourages conservation.

The RUBS calculation can be based on one or a combination of variables such as unit occupancy count, square footage, number of bathrooms, and other factors. Each type of utility can use a different calculation method. For example, for water and sewer expenses a property owner might factor in the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, whereas for electricity they would most likely factor in square footage.

Once the legal requirements have been met, such as sending out notifications and lease addendums, you must make sure RUBS is properly implemented into your management processes. SS&C SKYLINE Property Management Software automates RUBS calculations directly into your accounting routine and billing cycle in order to maintain accurate cost tracking and usage as well as collecting the correct recoverable amounts.

For information on how SKYLINE Property Management Software Solutions can help improve the profitability of your account billings, download a brochure that highlights the features and benefits of SKYLINE or reach out to us for more information.

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