How to Gain Greater Transparency into Your Cash Position

By: John Hansen

Cash Flow Business Finance Concept

The need to provide timely and accurate information across an entire organization can be difficult and resource-consuming. The challenges are many: business units may have different sources and uses of funds, they may be separated geographically or by differing reporting structures, or there may not be a standard mechanism in place by which this information can be easily disseminated within the organization.    

Organizations are often unable to act on changes on a real-time basis so they have strict business rules for cash and liquidity management. As changes occur throughout the day, liquidity managers are tasked with maintaining up-to-date knowledge of these changes and incorporating them into the overall liquidity profile of the firm. This is a time-consuming, potentially error-prone process that leaves managers vexed as they struggle to keep up.

CashFlow Forecaster from SS&C removes these and other barriers to provide greater transparency and accountability of a firm’s cash and liquidity. The CashFlow Forecaster supports up-to-the-second insight to the entire cash position of an organization, regardless of sources, uses, or originating business unit. In addition, it provides extended periods of data retention to allow period over period comparisons. Perhaps best of all, it also has a powerful customizable user query tool.

The CashFlow Forecaster has built-in audit controls so that the system knows not only what the cash position was as at a certain time in the past, but exactly what the liquidity manager saw at that time. Managers can then easily compare the results of an inquiry run at a time in the past, with the results of the same inquiry run more recently. Any differences present themselves clearly, thus facilitating an easier and more comprehensive auditable process.

The CashFlow Forecaster is available from SS&C on either a licensed in-house deployment basis, or via the SS&C hosting service. Whichever option you choose, support is available globally 24×7/365. Download our brochure or click here to request more information or a demo.

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