Analyze the Purpose Behind the Processes of Property Management

By: Mat Burnside


How often in business do we see bad habits or inefficient processes passed from one generation of employee to another without understanding if it’s still pertinent? When I think about my aunt trimming the ends off a roast without questioning, “why?”, I reflect on one of my favorite quotes: “The problem with certainty is that it is static; it can do little but endlessly reassert itself. Uncertainty, by contrast, is full of unknowns, possibilities, and risks.” – Stephen Batchelor, Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

The standard starting point for any implementation project is to assess existing business scenarios and ensure there’s a purpose behind the process. The common questions we ask to gauge understanding are “Why do you do that?” or “Is it aligned with the objectives of the company?” In many cases, the answer is explained quickly.  But every once in awhile I get to experience one of my favorite answers: “We’ve just always done it this way.”

Is that really an effective solution, to just accept completing tasks for the sake of completing them without knowing why or what should be accomplished? Shouldn’t we locate those instances and correct them? Successful people or companies don’t wait for opportunities to re-assess stagnant processes. They create those opportunities and focus on minimizing those activities. It’s not difficult to do. All it takes is a little discipline and follow-through.

I suggest starting here: Ask yourself “What do I do each day out of habit that may not have a purpose? Is the process still relevant?” Once you’ve located these behaviors, enact change that provides a more productive result. You may find yourself surprised at what efficiencies can be gained by applying this simple process. Remember to find the purpose in every process and always assess the value behind that process — and you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your roast.

We believe this “assess and implement” process rings true for those of you that own or manage properties such as, shared-ownership resorts, including vacation clubs, fractional properties, condo-hotels, vacation rentals, and timeshare resorts. If you would like more information or a demonstration of how our TimeShareWare software can help you find the purpose behind your processes in managing those properties, click here.

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