Producing an Effective eLearning Product

A guide to creating impactful training material.

By: Stephanie Hodnett


As with any tool or new technology, preparation and clarity of focus are prerequisites for delivering an effective product. Here are some tips and tricks for managing your production process.

  1. Identify your topic and scope – You should have a strong outline and learning objectives that are clear and specific. Avoid long, rambling, unfocused speeches at all costs. Reach agreement on script and scope before recording anything.
  2. Decide length and format – Video is of course a highly visual medium. Can you use interesting photography to tell your story visually? What location(s) will work best for your video? Consider whether you would prefer a live location or the controlled environment of a studio shoot. Remember that learners generally prefer and retain short, concise videos over longer ones.
  3. Edit, polish and deliver – After you have shot your video, crucial decisions will need to be reached about what to keep, what to cut out and how to disseminate the finished product. Will you host the video internally or use social media to broadcast it more widely?

Zoologic Learning Solutions has experience in all aspects of video eLearning and has helped many of its clients through all phases of production and delivery. Whether you need us to host the course on our LMS so you can track enrollees and their progress, construct an online exam that learners must pass after watching the video, or outsource the entire production process to us, including writing, producing, editing and delivery of the final product, we would be pleased to work with you every step of the way.

To find out more about Zoologic, please download our brochures or request more information.

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