Overcoming a Skittish Learning Management Culture: A How-To Guide

By: Adam Hall

Sample e-learning website on tablet computer

In our twenty years in the training business, we at SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions have seen many creative approaches to solving the problem of proliferating necessary training. Having worked with hundreds of financial institutions over the years, we have a vast range of stories we can tell about how to improve the culture of training in an organization and get the highest possible return for your investment.

A strategy that we have seen used to great effect recently is mixing a “must do” course with a “should do” course or series. Let’s say, for example, that your firm’s compliance group requires that everyone in the organization complete an anti-money laundering course annually. If you package that course with some skill-building courses that are not mandatory, then you will see people who are already using the Learning Management System take the opportunity to complete an additional course. Often the biggest hurdle is simply reminding people how to get into the LMS. Once they’re in, they’ll use the chance to explore other areas.

Similarly, an employee who has to take a course to learn about a new technology or software tool, should have that course packaged with another course that will apply to a different area of the employee’s job. It might be a great idea to bundle the software product course with a management training course, for example.

The key is to look for creative ways of upselling your training initiatives, in the same manner that your cable television provider encourages you to sign up for additional channels, or your cellphone provider offers additional services at contract renewal time. Only instead of more TV to watch or more features on their phones, your employees will be more productive and more empowered in their jobs.

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