Embracing the Right Technology Partner Can Make Month-End Processing Easy and Efficient

By: Eric Decker

Glass screen wall

Month-end accounting and reporting is challenging for portfolio managers. Today’s hybrid security types, non-standard day count conventions, complex prepayment assumption models, and amortization/accretion methodologies make pricing bonds more complex. Unpredictable market forces and multiple valuation and rating sources make it harder to apply timely and reliable data to your investment decisions and to mitigate risk exposure.

Managing your portfolio in a manual system offers a high level of control over your data but exposes you to unnecessary risks (e.g. human error, loss of data, etc.). Manual systems make it hard to provide consistent and auditable reporting. They also make it harder to access historical data, pay attention to crucial P&L analysis, and to prospect for new opportunities.

Increasing inflation, rising interest rates, and economic uncertainty place greater emphasis on managing risk. Today’s portfolio managers must continually conduct analysis to minimize interest rate and prepayment risk, and to analyze mark-to-market spread, duration, and yield sensitivity. High quality historical and predictive portfolio analytics – crucial to portfolio returns and the overall strength of an organization – are extremely difficult to conduct manually.

To make their systems more effective and efficient, portfolio managers must align with a sophisticated technology partner.

For more than 15 years, 1,000+ bank, credit union, and institutional portfolio managers have trusted the PortPro Bond Accounting and Analytics solution from SS&C. PortPro takes the manual labor out of month-end processing and provides high quality reporting and analytical tools through a secure, user-friendly, web-based platform.

We convert portfolio data from any service provider, including manual systems, and provide a web-based platform for daily hands-on portfolio maintenance and reporting. PortPro also provides a robust month-end report writer with limitless custom reporting capabilities. It automatically obtains daily or monthly securities prices from IDC, Reuters, and S&P (or any combination). It also uploads your own prices from any source. Monthly rating updates are available from Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch. PortPro automates maintenance functions, including called bond transactions, and provides daily updates to rates, factors, payments, and more, so portfolio managers can focus their efforts on analyzing the portfolio.

To learn how the PortPro Bond Accounting and Analytics solution from SS&C can help you, please download our brochure, or contact us for more information or a demo.

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