Our Most-Read Blog Posts of 2016

By Kendall Reischl

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As we close out the year, we’re sharing our most-read blog posts from the past 12 months. Here’s the list from 2016, arranged in chronological order. We’re looking forward to seeing you back here on the blog next week!

SS&C Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation – March 16, 2016

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of SS&C Technologies. Founded by CEO Bill Stone in 1986, SS&C has grown to over 7,300 employees, serving over 10,000 clients globally. Beginning with a mission to serve the Insurance industry, SS&C has evolved into a global organization. Offering 90 products and services, SS&C now serves not only insurance companies, but also those in the alternative investments space, institutional and investment management, advisory, real estate industries, and more. Continue reading…


Keeping up with tech-savvy clients – March 21, 2016

According to the “2015 Global Wealth Report” by the Boston Consulting Group, personal wealth in Western Europe increased by 6.6% between 2013 and 2014. This growth was reflected in the wealth management industry. To benefit from this market growth, wealth managers must meet the ever-evolving expectations of their clients. Continue reading…


The Role of Blockchain in Fund Management – July 16, 2016

Blockchain – also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) – is without a doubt a market disruptor and a regular topic on the agenda at Fund Forum International in Berlin. Blockchain is a database with cryptography so unique that it cannot be manipulated and is therefore unvarying. In other words, a financial institution reports information to the Blockchain and it cannot be changed. Continue reading…


SS&C Announces New Black Diamond Partnerships with Riskalyze and Advizr – September 12, 2016

Today we announced expanded capabilities to our Black Diamond wealth management platform. The most exciting of these new capabilities are the integrations with our partners, Riskalyze and Advizr. Advizr’s interactive financial planning solution allows advisors to collaborate directly with their clients on their financial plans. Riskalyze’s technology helps advisors align potential investments with each individual investor’s risk preference. Continue reading…


SS&C Deliver: Thanks for Three Perfect Days – September 30, 2016

We’ve all read those “Three Perfect Days” travel features in the inflight magazines, right? Well, we couldn’t have asked for three better days than SS&C Deliver 2016 in San Diego. SS&C Chairman and CEO Bill Stone set the tone in his welcoming remarks, when he said, “We are only as good as our clients’ success.” In the time since SS&C acquired Advent, the company has continued to pursue companies that are a good fit for clients, acquiring Varden, Primatics, and Citi Fund Services. Acquisitions enable SS&C to add solutions that clients need to be successful without building them from scratch, Bill explained, noting that the company has also invested an eight-figure sum in R&D this year. Continue reading…


SS&C GlobeOp Financial Services: The Early Days (Part 1 of a 4 Part Series) – October 19, 2016

How did SS&C GlobeOp become a world leader in hedge fund administration? Find out in this first in a four-part Q&A series, by Ron Tannenbaum, SS&C managing director of business development for Europe, Middle East, and Africa and one of the founders of GlobeOp Financial Services, about the early days of GlobeOp. Continue reading…


Centralized Data and Reporting are Keys to Successful Asset Management – October 19, 2016

SS&C GlobeOp recently won a mandate to provide middle- and back-office services and regulatory solutions to a leading global asset manager with $244bn in assets under management. What makes us the perfect choice? The newest asset management client at SS&C GlobeOp is a highly complex, global investment manager and broker/dealer. With multiple business lines and thousands of investments across the capital structure, this manager needs the most effective and efficient centralized data and reporting system available. Continue reading…


SS&C Acquires Leading Advisor CRM Solution Salentica – October 24, 2016

Today, I’m thrilled to share with the advisory community that SS&C has acquired Salentica, a leading provider of CRM solutions to advisory firms. Many of you are already familiar with Salentica based on its strong reputation for providing customized CRM solutions to large, complex advisory firms. Today it becomes part of the SS&C family. We are excited to deepen the already strong relationship we have with the Salentica team and to get to work on executing our plans to expand integrations and support for our shared clients including those running Black Diamond, APX, Axys, and SS&C’s Global Wealth Platform. Continue reading…


The CECL Conundrum for Lenders: Which Loss Forecasting Methodology to Use? – November 3, 2016

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued the final Current Expected Credit Loss standard, or (“CECL”) on June 16, 2016. Many lending institutions are likely to experience a “shock to the system” because of significant changes to the end-to-end reserving process for financial instruments measured at amortized cost. Continue reading…


Trends in Fund Administration: Consolidation, Fee Alignment and Blurring Lines of Business – November 17, 2016

Earlier this year SS&C completed the acquisition of Citi Fund Services, a deal that highlights a couple of key trends we are seeing in the industry: a general consolidation and the decision by some large banks to exit the fund admin business.

From our perspective, we expect these trends to continue. It takes a substantial and continuous investment in technology to stay competitive and profitable in this business. Banks have understandably been reluctant to keep making that investment in an activity that is on the fringe of their core commercial business. Banks don’t want to be in the software development business either. So it makes sense for them to turn the business over to a specialist that can run it far more profitably. Continue reading…

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