What to look for when hiring a data center vendor

By: Bob Schwartz

Computer technician in server room

Managers must do their due diligence to ensure an outsourced vendor adheres to the highest data center standards. Managers should hire vendors that can protect data from external threats whether malicious or environmental, and demonstrate the highest business continuity and data security standards.  

Here’s what to look for in a vendor’s data center:

  • Ideally a vendor should own its data centers – If you outsource some aspects of your operations to a vendor, you don’t want them to outsource their processing infrastructure to someone else
  • Access should be highly restricted and security should be tight and thorough
  • Routine data center services should be supported by certified internal staff, with no outsourcing to external vendors to support infrastructure or mechanics
  • Where services must be outsourced, such as large-scale construction projects, vendors should be extensively vetted
  • A vendor’s Disaster Recovery approach should be strenuously tested and sites should be equipped to run in the event of a blackout or other emergency
  • All HVAC and power systems should have climate controls that meet or exceed all hardware standards
  • Mechanical systems should be deployed on a “N+1” basis – the failure of any one component should not compromise the ability to operate the facility
  • Systems should all be monitored in real time by building engineers with electronic alerting capabilities

Fund managers must ensure their provider’s data centers can not only manage any eventuality, but can also do it with attention to detail and commitment to the highest standards. SS&C owns its core data centers, which operate 24/7. In addition to utilizing data centers for processing millions of security transactions every day, SS&C also provides for its clients both managed and co-location services, workspace contingency and crisis management. The data center space used for co-location and managed services space is completely segregated from outsourced processing space. DR is strenuously tested in what provides reassurance to clients.

SS&C is innovative in how it ensures security and DR right down to the minutiae details. Given the importance of data center reliability and security, these services are supported by internal staff, including security professionals, electrical engineers, and HVAC  professionals; all of whom are certified and properly equipped. There is no outsourcing to external vendors to support any infrastructure or mechanics. All of this is undertaken by SS&C staff. Where services are outsourced – such as large-scale construction projects, this is undertaken by vendors who have been extensively vetted. Such commitment to security is critical.

To learn more about our data centers, please contact Bob Schwartz at (646) 827-1802 and bschwart@globeop.com.

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