Adding gamification to eLearning

Knowing that the brain does respond to game rewards, every instructional designer should consider how best to add gamification to the learning development process. But as always, the devil is in the details. If your idea of gamification is simply to add badges and points to a course, in all likelihood you may not achieve the engagement you are seeking from course participants.

The online self-study courses from SS&C Learning Institute may be the professional educational community’s answer to Candy Crush. Content is divided into bite-sized segments, with animations and quizzes accompanying each new piece of information. Exercises are formatted as drag-and-drops, matching, entry field math questions, and check boxes, among others. Participants will be so engaged by the experience, they’ll forget they’re learning how to price a credit default swap or hedge interest risk with derivatives.

SS&C Learning Institute has over two hundred mix-and-match courses that can be organized to meet the goals of any group within the financial services industry. Whether you are looking to improve the skills of your front, back or middle office, our Learning Specialists have the knowledge and experience you are looking for, and the right mix of products and services to meet your needs. Come play games with us and see for yourself.

For more information about  SS&C Learning Institute, download our brochures, request more information or a demonstration, or email us at

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