Finding the best middle- and back-office solutions for your business

By: Jad Fares

Current rising markets and increased competition are drastically changing the investment management landscape, putting pressure on your middle- and back-office. In order to stay competitive, you need a state-of-the-art solution that provides unparalleled performance measurement, attribution, and reconciliation functions.

At SS&C, we intimately understand the ever-changing investment landscape and can help you navigate it efficiently and successfully. Our middle- and back-office solutions cover the entire lifecycle of your investment management operation.

We will help you find the most efficient and effective way to manage your middle- and back-office with capabilities such as:

  • Run multi-asset class performance measurement, attribution, composite management, ex-post risk management, and benchmark customization with flexible reporting and analysis of any asset class, including fixed income.
  • Fully automated- Our systems receive data from all your custodians, conduct the required reconciliations on a defined frequency, and feed the output data directly into your downstream systems. This is all achieved with automated exception management workflows and without manual intervention.

Whether you prefer to perform these tasks internally with deployed or hosted solutions, or would rather outsource them (partially or completely), SS&C can help. We’re flexible,  effective, work hard to ensure you maintain an edge in today’s ever-competitive market.

For additional information on how you stack up to your competition and how SS&C can help, email us at

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