The challenge of complexity: The impact of corporate actions processing, part 3

By Tongjai Lertphaisan

Do you regularly miss deadlines? Are your systems manual and error-prone? Are you looking for ways to improve your firm’s corporate action processing?

Today’s investors are not limited by geography, and types of investment have expanded beyond traditional instruments. While new opportunities are exciting for investors, they can also bring with them some operational challenges.

Corporate action processing is one area that can often be forgotten. In the days when only simple corporate actions were processed, it was common to have a small team of people that manually keyed in data.

However, manual processes are risky and inefficient. To keep up with today’s increased trade volumes, complex valuation, and multiple sources of information, organisations must automate their systems. Automation reduces risk and improves efficiency so you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

The industry has been talking about corporate action automation for quite some time; there are many products and services available, including new technologies and innovation, new channels for corporate action instruction, and standard messaging to improve communication. However, many of these products and services don’t provide the scalability and flexibility needed to cater to each organisation’s unique challenges.

Most firms have unique structures and challenges; not every firm can adopt the same level of straight-through processing. A firm’s ability to adapt is affected by many factors, including the maturity of the market, the domestic regulatory compliance, and the customer’s willingness to change.

SS&C Technologies has the solution. Our industry-leading technologies are scalable and flexible. We offer different automation levels to suit all requirements in every market segment. Our single solution allows you to manage different approaches for every market you invest in. This includes various types of entitlement for different holdings in a single portfolio. We provide tools that receive multiple sources of information in different formats and send out notifications in a similar fashion.

SS&C Technologies believes a strong partnership makes a difference. We have local and global staff that is well placed to service and support each and every one of our clients. We have invested heavily in building a global infrastructure to support our growing client base at a local level and within local time zones.

For more information, stay tuned for the next post in our series, “Streamlining the post-trade communication process, part 4.”

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