Managing stress on your trading system

By Bryan Sibert

While your trading system may handle its current volume adequately, what about when the volume starts to increase? A slow system frustrates traders and sales people and negatively affects your bottom line.

Over the past few years, the U.S. has seen a surge in trading volumes of fixed-income products (e.g. mortgage-backed issues and municipal and corporate bonds). To keep up with the increased trade activity, many financial services firms are on the hunt for a single platform that efficiently manages data across asset classes, instruments, and regions.

In addition to a single platform, financial institutions must also look for an ASP solution. Risk management is a common enough practice, why not transfer risk to a technology vendor? The right vendor manages the hardware and software and implements processes to ensure that the system is properly stress-tested on a regular basis.

Lightning™ by SS&C Technologies is a suite of best-of-breed products and services in a fully integrated straight-through-processing solution. Lightning automates every aspect of trading, sales, funding, accounting, risk analysis, asset/liability management, portfolio management, and safekeeping with demonstrated and verifiable underlying applications.

Lightning is the only solution that’s truly Internet and web browser-based, not web-retrofitted. As an ASP solution, there are no special networks, hardware, or software required. And the system’s components are proven – more than 1,700 financial institutions are clients.

To learn how we can help you stay on top of the latest changes or for more information on Lightning, download our brochure or contact us for a demo at or 800-234-0556.

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