Webinar: Introducing SS&C new FundHub platform

By Denis Melekhov

If you’re a Fund Investor, SS&C FundHub is the one and only solution that you’ll need.

Fund investors face a number of unique challenges, which do not occur in other investment areas. The primary difficulty that capital allocators encounter is the lack of transparency and information about the funds into which they’re investing. The manager selection process typically involves extensive due diligence and in-depth quantitative analysis into rankings and peer universe comparisons. Without a centralized, normalized source for this multifaceted data and a robust platform for conducting research and monitoring existing investments, fund of funds investing is notoriously tedious from both decision-making and operations perspectives.

Another key challenge for fund investors is contending with data management. When investing in multiple funds, a significant amount of non-consolidated information is created, such as manager statements, estimates, investor reporting, and other various files. This results in an avalanche of information and materials, leading to human errors and a great deal of time spent on simple, mundane tasks.

Our recent webinar hosted by Mike Megaw and Hans Hufschmid, introduced our new solution SS&C FundHub which solves for the issues fund investor experience. The platform provides seamless and centralized web-based access to information flowing in from multiple sources on thousands of funds. This allows users to build peer universes, generate comparisons and rankings, create model portfolios, analyze advanced risk and performance metrics, and conduct  quantitative and qualitative due-diligence research required for manager selection. In addition, the platform allows for ongoing monitoring of investments, manages information such as documents, investors, and contacts, in one centralized, user-friendly environment. SS&C Fundhub features significant accounting capabilities, allowing for NAV, trial balance, and investor statements generation.

To learn more about SS&C FundHub, view our brochure or watch our video.

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