A one-stop solution for your data reconciliation needs

By Joe Souza

SS&C’s outsourced reconciliation platform utilizes our best-in-class data integration services (Evare) to feed the industry’s premier reconciliation platform (Recon) with daily exceptions and reporting, all managed by SS&C’s Outsourcing division. This combination creates the most efficient exception management solution possible.

Using SS&C Evare’s direct connections with source systems, the offered solution eliminates data accuracy issues, data re-loads and general mapping or manipulation needs, all of which increase firms’ operational risk and cost. Starting the reconciliation process with high-quality, timely and consistent data enables the business process to focus on “true” exception management versus data integrity issues.

An event-driven integration workflow with SS&C’s state-of-the-art reconciliation engine allows the centralized SS&C operations staff to execute “n-way matching processes” to identify and report exceptions by 7:30 am. Clients can review their exceptions by the time they arrive in the office and know that beginning with data acquisition and ending with summarized exception management reporting the workflow is managed with experienced, dedicated employees.

What differentiates SS&C from competitors is the level of expertise in the various disciplines that comprise the reconciliation workflow – data services, matching and exception management and operations, and tech resources. While our competitors profess a focus in data management or in application functionality, none share the combined force of SS&C’s Evare, Recon and Professional Services Outsourced staff knowledge.

As the largest fund administrator, we use Evare and Recon internally to manage 1.3 trillion AuA.  To learn more about our new two-part solution to handle your exception management, view our video, or email us at evarerecon@sscinc.com.

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