Transition management: Finally, an easier way

By Dianna Farkas

Business people using digital tablet in office

Transition management has served as a necessary niche offering in the plan sponsor and asset owner space for many years. When portfolios and accounts are restructured, transition managers provide an efficient, cost-effective, and transparent solution. Transition managers oversee and manage the entire process (including timing and strategy) to diminish risk, cash drag, and implementation shortfall.

Providers in this space use their proprietary systems to deliver transition management services and must use internal resources to constantly update and improve them. Since these companies are financial and brokerage firms and not technology experts, the cost and complexity of transition management places an unnecessary drain on their staff and resources.

The Global Wealth Platform from SS&C offers a web-based, end-to-end, multi-currency, multi-manager, multi-asset class technology solution. Key features include in-depth modeling, rebalancing, and portfolio management functionalities that support transition lifecycle activities efficiently and effectively.

The system includes features that provide a streamlined workflow and operational efficiency. It also supplies a full audit and history of all user activity.

Our platform provides the competitive advantage of a common operating platform, reduced operational costs, and effective management of all transition activity. It’s affordable, intuitive, and uncomplicated.

If timely access to accurate data for transition purposes and plan sponsor fiduciary responsibility are keys to your firm’s transition management success, this is the platform for you. With the industry-leading technology from SS&C, you know you are in good hands. Partner with us and we will provide the technology so you can concentrate on doing what you do best: keeping your clients happy.

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