Out-of-date methods and manual processes are slowing you down

By Dianna Tokic Farkas

If it’s not broken, why fix it? Without even realizing it, many of us waste time during the workday. Out-of-date methods and manual processes tie up time, efforts, and budgets. Many tasks could be easily automated and further optimized. Yet, you are stuck in inefficiency because you may not be aware of the options available. Ask yourself, “Is there a better, easier, more efficient way for me to handle the different areas in my finance department? What if my needs were offered by one provider and one single point of contact?”

The purpose of systems – any system – is to help you to do something faster, easier, and with fewer errors. The innovative software solutions and unrivaled expertise from SS&C deliver a full range of investment accounting, loan management, debt management, and reconciliation solutions to many organizations. Our integrated technology is flexible and our team of experts works with you to improve operations and workflows to ensure a more efficient and automated solution. Our solutions can be licensed, hosted, or outsourced. We provide all of this under one umbrella, backed by 30 years of technology leadership experience.

Investment Accounting – SS&C provides a robust accounting ledger for all investment types, including securities, bank loans, derivatives, real estate, partnerships and hedge funds, financing, repos, and collateralization. For more information, visit our operations and accounting webpage.  

Loan Management – Our Precision LM loan management solution helps organizations manage all aspects of the loan process, including pre-qualifying loan requests, processing applications, commitment processing, loan disposition, servicing, and accounting.

Debt Management – Our DBC Debt Manager and DBC Finance software help clients track all critical information on outstanding debt from issuance through maturity.

Automated Reconciliation – SS&C provides automated reconciliation and exception management with Recon.

For more information on how SS&C can make your financial operations more efficient, visit our website or email solution@sscinc.com.

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