Changes in the investment management industry: Are you ready to adapt?

By Bryan Bashaw

There are some big changes happening in today’s investment management industry. Experts agree that these changes will continue and firms must be prepared to adapt. This shift is happening across products, business models, and the way in which clients are served, which poses some challenges.

To address these challenges, firms seeking change need to partner with a vendor that provides expert resources and consultation to help them transition from the way they used to do business to the way they need to do business now.

One of the biggest challenges clients experience is the actual implementation of a new system they’ve decided to procure.  Conversions from legacy systems and processes can be tricky and time consuming. Expert resources are necessary to guide firms through the process so they can stay on time and on budget.

Many firms have taken a “DIY” approach in the past, and unlike your home gardening project, when it comes to a technology conversion/upgrade, this can lead to a very painful experience. Waste of financial resources, poor client experience, and user fatigue can all happen when a conversion is not carefully planned and executed.

SS&C Technologies, Inc. has teams with expertise across many investment management functions, including client onboarding, data aggregation, trading/re-balancing, investment accounting, reconciliation, performance measurement, and client communications. Our experts have a proven track record of building strong client relationships and successfully navigating industry shifts.

Our software solutions are just one area that sets us apart from the competition. Our greatest strength is our ability to implement client solutions that take firms to the next level, surpassing their competition.

For more information on how SS&C can help your organization, contact 1.800.234.0556 or email

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