Getting the most out of DBC

By Kade Boone

Learning how to streamline a software program is an often overlooked, yet critical, aspect of making the most of time spent and minimizing mistakes. While most focus only on inputting information, there are a few key ways you can streamline DBC Finance to maximize your output.

Here are the top four:

Blue-print optimization with the component gallery feature: Are you tired of starting from scratch with every new file that’s created? With the DBC component gallery feature, you can save funds, expenses, bond components, call tables, etc. into a global repository that can be retrieved in any file or existing data file.

Toolbar optimization: DBC Finance comes with a loaded toolbar that users can customize based on their preferences. This reduces valuable time spent navigating the program. For example, adding the email button to the toolbar helps when sending out data files or adding report preference buttons can speed up report generation.

Internet optimization: With the DBC Finance internet settings, you can efficiently download escrow securities and MMD yields and email your data with the click of a button.

Report optimization: Are you tired of having to select the same reports in multiple files? With DBC Finance, report packets can be easily saved and retrieved. This significantly reduces the time spent selecting reports and running a new deal.

These are just some of the ways DBC Finance can be streamlined to help you manage and structure your municipal bonds more effectively. For more information about DBC Finance, download our brochure, request more information or a demonstration or email

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