The progression of artificial intelligence within finance

By Zarina Morris

Businessman is holding to analyze marketing share information on hologram and connect to data with artificial intelligent system, Abstract of technology background and concept about internet of thing.

Around the world, banks are investing in robo-advisory services to provide financial guidance. One such example is Schwab Intelligent Portfolios which provides investors with portfolio recommendations based on lines of code versus an in person advisor. Customers are no longer exclusively reliant on a professional, but instead increasingly rely on an algorithm designed to create a portfolio tailored for their risk appetite and investment goals.  Continue reading

Achieving investment operations automation, part two

By KC Hong

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Workarounds may be viable in low-volume operations where risks and overhead costs are more easily managed. That’s increasingly the exception today, however. Market activity is fragmented across geographies, asset classes, and fund types. Clients demand greater transparency. Regulators keep issuing new mandates. Basic jurisdictional rules and fund accounting methods must be accommodated with precision. Firms that want to be competitive and grow in this more complex environment need the scalability and flexibility that automation brings to streamline their operations. Continue reading

Achieving investment operations automation, part one

By KC Hong

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Investment management operations must constantly adjust to a changing environment – and these days, that’s not easy. It’s a challenge to keep up with escalating transaction and asset volumes, new fund types and instruments, evolving regulation and tax rules, and more exacting servicing agreements. Continue reading

3 steps for evaluating and improving business processes

By Dane Ashworth

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Over time, business processes change and adapt to many factors, including technology systems. Sometimes, these changes can negatively impact business operations and efficiency. When you’re replacing your system, it’s a great time to evaluate business processes to regain focus on core goals and business objectives.

Continue reading

Leveraging SS&C Lightning for repos and reverse repos

By Bryan Sibert

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Repo transactions are when the bank receives money from the counterparty in exchange for securities as collateral against the”loan”. When the repo matures, the counterparty returns the securities to the bank and the bank returns the cash to the counterparty along with interest that the bank paid to borrow this money. A reverse repo is the opposite. The bank takes securities as the loan collateral and the counterparty receives cash. At the end of the reverse repo’s term, the counterparty gives the cash and interest to the bank and the bank returns the securities to the counterparty. Continue reading

SS&C innovates their way to two more awards

By Alexander Newman

Alt Credit Awards

The prestigious Alt Credit European Services Awards 2017 celebrates and rewards outstanding service providers that have demonstrated growth, excellent customer service, and product innovation. This year SS&C GlobeOp scooped up two awards, which are judged independently by a panel of leading hedge fund COOs and CFOs. We were recognised as the Best Administrator for Innovation and Best Debt/Loan Administration Overall. Continue reading

SS&C CommonWealth clients win big at the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards

By Mackenzie Crawford, Managing Director, SS&C CommonWealth

This month four SS&C CommonWealth clients took home awards at the 10th annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards Conference in Toronto. Alongside 160 hedge fund managers and industry experts, I attended to celebrate the year’s accomplishments in Canada’s hedge fund industry. Continue reading

Attending the STA (Securities Transfer Association) Annual Conference

By Kenneth Somma

STA Conference

Earlier this month, Roger Behling and I attended the STA (Securities Transfer Association) Annual Conference held in Manalapan, Florida. Founded in 1911, the Securities Transfer Association (STA) is a professional, national, association of transfer agents. The four-day conference hosted valuable sessions around T+2 Rollout, dematerialization, cyber security, and rule updates regarding transfer agents. Continue reading

SS&C GlobeOp takes home another win at HFM US Hedge Fund Services awards

By Eamonn Greaves

HFM Hedge Fund - GlobeOp

The annual HFM US Hedge Fund Services Awards celebrates and rewards hedge fund service providers that have demonstrated exceptional growth, customer service or product innovation over the past 12 months. We are proud to announce that SS&C GlobeOp was awarded ‘Best administrator – over $30bn fund of hedge funds.’ Continue reading