The flexibility of eLearning

By Adam Hall

Some professional designations have highly rigorous continuing education programs. They may have strict requirements about the type of training that qualifies, and carry out regular audits of their members to ensure requirements are being met.

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Survey: Private equity firms increasingly focused on operational efficiency, governance & transparency

By Joe Patellaro

While at the 2017 SuperReturn International conference in Berlin, we surveyed approximately 100 GPs, LPs and other professionals within private equity to learn more about private equity business operations. For more details on the survey results, see our infographic below or read our press release.

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Access – a key issue of cyber risks

By Lisa McLaughlin, Information Security Officer

Today, cyber threats are real and ever changing. In response, regulatory rules must constantly evolve in attempt to mitigate this dynamic threat. In the first of this two-part blog series, we’ll take a look into the complex roles of in-house attorneys and security professionals, and how they are intrinsic to the success of your business by protecting your organization’s sensitive information.

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Five tech concepts powering dynamic business in 2017

Eric Rocks, Vice President and Managing Director of SS&C Technologies

Running a business is a very dynamic operation that requires taking the time to consider not only how things change, but why things change. By mastering this outlook, financial executives will have a greater ability to manage control over their successes. This is important, particularly when it comes to navigating volatility. While a business might be experiencing an extended period of growth, this can easily be thwarted by increased competition in the marketplace, new technologies or geo-political factors.

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Adding gamification to eLearning

Knowing that the brain does respond to game rewards, every instructional designer should consider how best to add gamification to the learning development process. But as always, the devil is in the details. If your idea of gamification is simply to add badges and points to a course, in all likelihood you may not achieve the engagement you are seeking from course participants.

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Facebook Live Video: DOL Rule Spotlight: How to Prepare Now

By: Kendall Reischl

At the 2016 SS&C Deliver Conference last month we had some excellent sessions on the financial industry and the technology that supports it. One of those sessions focused on the DOL Fiduciary Rule. In this short excerpt, Tim Simons of Focus 1 Associates talks about the rule and how to prepare your firm now for the coming changes. Click here to listen to highlights from this session. 
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Brexit: complex times call for strong, experienced service providers

By: Tom Kirkpatrick

Brexit Direction Sign

The United Kingdom (UK) electorate’s decision on June 23 to leave the European Union (EU) caught some managers off-guard. Now, firms must consider what operational changes are required to support their businesses moving forward.
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How has vendor due diligence (DDQ) changed in a world of cyber risks?

By Lisa McLaughlin and Graham Davies

Businessman and businesswoman working

The SS&C CTO Forum earlier this month was an opportunity for Chief Technology Officers to get together to share information and discuss topical issues in an informal and open manner. The topic of this form was due diligence and here’s what we found.

The consensus: as we make our way around the world, cyber risks are a hotter topic, which goes up to the board level and most likely here to stay.

What’s the importance of due diligence?

To understand or to measure an organization taking into account where your data is; should include performing a due diligence on your vendors.

Attendees agreed! It’s a shared responsibility – Investor protection and market integrity encompasses the attention of the regulators, data controllers and processors expectations.

“Prior to cyber risks being forefront, DDQ was more about monitoring your vendors and their capability to provide services where firewalls were certainly once good enough”

Panelist and Director of Information Security at SS&C Graham Davies noted in his observation the past 3 years, the number of due diligence requests from clients, prospects, and investors has doubled each year. The complexity and number of questions in due diligence questionnaires have also increased and it is not uncommon to receive 200+ questions relating to information and cyber security.

What is the Drivers of the Due diligence process?

Cyber risks bring big demands in the regulatory landscape. The growth of due diligence is driven by the Regulators with the SEC being a vocal point in terms of protecting investors, assessing cyber risks launching their first sweep on cyber security in April 2014.

The media buzz has also played its part in ensuring that cyber security is a regular board meeting topic of discussion, and as a key vendor, SS&C are often asked to present its controls and strategy to address cyber security risks.

How dense does your organization go when assessing your vendors?

Assessing your organizations risk must include assessing the risk level of your vendors- follow the data.  How deep depends on the sensitivity or classification of information held along with the amount of data the vendor has access to.

In summary, cyber security due diligence has become a mandate in a world of cyber. By adopting standardized due diligence questionnaires such as that from Aponix and the Alternative Investment Technology Executives Club (AITEC) creates transparency in implemented controls, but also gain efficiencies while meeting regulatory responsibilities.

Standardizing allows for a seamless vetting process!

A special thank you to the panelists and we look forward to seeing you at the next SS&C CTO Forum.


SS&C Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

By Madeline Dickson, SS&C Marketing

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of SS&C Technologies. Founded by CEO Bill Stone in 1986, SS&C has grown to over 7,300 employees, serving over 10,000 clients globally. Beginning with a mission to serve the Insurance industry, SS&C has evolved into a global organization. Offering 90 products and services, SS&C now serves not only insurance companies, but also those in the alternative investments space, institutional and investment management, advisory, real estate industries and more.

SS&C has made 44 successful acquisitions to date, and brought in $563 out of our $658 billion assets under administration in just fewer than ten years. Spanning across 4 continents, SS&C’s services and software encompass every type of financial services company, in every corner of the world.

Join us in celebrating the following milestones and many more to come:

  • Founded in 1986 by CEO Bill Stone, SS&C Technologies’ original name was Securities Software & Consulting, Inc. SS&C was incorporated as a Connecticut corporation in March of that year.
  • In 1989, SS&C releases its first product, CAMRA, becoming the first client server, relational database investment accounting system for the insurance and asset management industry.
  • 1995 marks SS&C joining the outsourcing game, delivering full application service provider solutions and services.
  • SS&C goes public in 1996. The IPO raises $71.0 million and goes public at $19 a share.
  • Revenues for SS&C surpass $200 million in 2006. The 2006 HFMWeek Hedge Fund Administrator survey cites SS&C as the fastest-growing administrator among the top ten.
  • In 2010, SS&C goes public for the second time, trading on the NASDAQ under ticker SSNC. SS&C has 1,400 staff in 26 offices around the world, with 5000+ clients that manage more than $16 trillion in AUM.
  • In 2012, SS&C acquires GlobeOp, capitalizing on GlobeOp’s market leading middle-office services and full range of “Go Applications.”
  • In 2015, SS&C announces the acquisition of Advent Software, a leading FinTech solutions provider in the asset management and advisory markets.
  • SS&C completes the acquisition of Citi Alternative Investor Services in 2016, creating the second largest fund administrator in the industry.
  • SS&C celebrates 30 years of innovation on March 16, 2016!

The hard work and energy of SS&C’s employees and loyalty of our valued clients has helped see through SS&C’s mission to innovate and successfully serve the financial industry over the past 30 years. We intend to stay leaders in technology and will continue to develop and strengthen solutions and services to delight the industry. A big thank you to employees, clients, and the industry partners for continued confidence in SS&C.

Check out our recent 30th Anniversary video or microsite, telling our story through the years and celebrating 30 years of innovation and success.