Event Recap: Annual Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers Conference

By Lauren Jack

Golf course - SSC LIAdvisors, senior portfolio managers and wealth management leaders from across the country recently attended the Annual Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers (ACPM) Conference held at the Doral Arrowwood Resort in Rye Brook, NY. This was a significant event for the SS&C Learning Institute as we were introduced as the exclusive provider and administrator of the Certified Portfolio Manager credential program. Continue reading

The flexibility of eLearning

By Adam Hall

Some professional designations have highly rigorous continuing education programs. They may have strict requirements about the type of training that qualifies, and carry out regular audits of their members to ensure requirements are being met.

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Adding gamification to eLearning

Knowing that the brain does respond to game rewards, every instructional designer should consider how best to add gamification to the learning development process. But as always, the devil is in the details. If your idea of gamification is simply to add badges and points to a course, in all likelihood you may not achieve the engagement you are seeking from course participants.

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Empower Your Learning Experience

By: Kendall Reischl


At SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions, we believe that self-directed learning must be as flexible as possible. Each person’s learning styles are unique, as are each learner’s life circumstances. Maybe you are a full-time university student tasked with passing an exam in your MBA program. Or maybe you are a busy executive who can only find time to take in bite-sized amounts of learning material during your morning commute. We believe we have the solution for each type of learner and will make specialized recommendations for each.
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Online Learning with Zoologic

E-learning concept with a teacher presenting online education program

As the world’s financial markets grow increasingly sophisticated, it can be difficult to stay current with the latest trends and developments. Today’s financial professionals are expected to possess a broad understanding of an ever-widening array of products and services. Your next career move, or indeed your current job, could depend on being able to speak knowledgeably about structured finance, operational risk, mortgage-backed securities or barrier options.

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The Importance of Knowing Your Audience with Online Learning

By: Adam Hall

temwork, business team with laptop in the office, people working

In education, context is everything. An e-learning course may be expertly designed and professionally delivered by highly knowledgeable subject matter experts, but if no thought has been given to the audience, it is certain to fail. Knowing your audience is more than half the battle, so it is crucial to get this step right. Continue reading