The leaders within your ranks

By Adam Hall

Building a culture of effective leadership is not easy, and involves a multi-pronged approach. Hosting a leadership seminar once or twice a year is not enough to guarantee success.  To attain long-term success, you need to weave in the search for great leaders throughout the fabric of your organization.

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UK government aiming to streamline LGPS market

By Punit Satsangi

The £179 billion UK Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) market is highly saturated. The government wants to streamline this market with 89 schemes into eight pools running at least £25 billion each by April 2018. Pools are currently presenting administrative and operational proposals to the government, with many opting to create an Authorised Contractual Scheme (ACS) structure.

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The Advantage of Data Accessibility for Super Funds

By: Andy Slade

data science concept

At the recent My Platform Rules conference in Australia, there was much discussion about how the Australian superannuation industry is at a crossroads; it must find a way to shape itself for the future and take advantage of the digital revolution. This post looks at the challenges super funds face to develop sustainable and adaptable operational models that meet the future needs and expectations of their members.   Continue reading