Streamlining the post-trade communications process, part 4

By Van Nguyen

In the securities industry, lack of systems integration, external connectivity, IT resources, and incompatible data formats all negatively impact post-trade communications, compliance, and reconciliation.

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The challenge of complexity: The impact of corporate actions processing, part 3

By Tongjai Lertphaisan

Do you regularly miss deadlines? Are your systems manual and error-prone? Are you looking for ways to improve your firm’s corporate action processing?

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Embracing the Right Technology Partner Can Make Month-End Processing Easy and Efficient

By: Eric Decker

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Month-end accounting and reporting is challenging for portfolio managers. Today’s hybrid security types, non-standard day count conventions, complex prepayment assumption models, and amortization/accretion methodologies make pricing bonds more complex. Unpredictable market forces and multiple valuation and rating sources make it harder to apply timely and reliable data to your investment decisions and to mitigate risk exposure.
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Securities Transfer Association Annual Conference Shines Light on Industry Changes

By: Roger Behling


Transfer agents, issuers, SEC, DTCC, and other service and technology providers recently gathered for the 105th annual Securities and Transfer Association (STA) conference. Participants learned about and discussed important topics including the SEC concept release for transfer agents, T+2 (shortened settlement cycle) rollout – effective September, 2017, and evolving cost basis reporting rules.
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