3 steps for evaluating and improving business processes

By Dane Ashworth

Businesswoman analyzing documents in office

Over time, business processes change and adapt to many factors, including technology systems. Sometimes, these changes can negatively impact business operations and efficiency. When you’re replacing your system, it’s a great time to evaluate business processes to regain focus on core goals and business objectives.

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Leveraging SS&C Lightning for repos and reverse repos

By Bryan Sibert

Double exposure of city and graph on rows of coins for finance and banking concept, Coins Stacked like a City Skyline

Repo transactions are when the bank receives money from the counterparty in exchange for securities as collateral against the”loan”. When the repo matures, the counterparty returns the securities to the bank and the bank returns the cash to the counterparty along with interest that the bank paid to borrow this money. A reverse repo is the opposite. The bank takes securities as the loan collateral and the counterparty receives cash. At the end of the reverse repo’s term, the counterparty gives the cash and interest to the bank and the bank returns the securities to the counterparty. Continue reading

Top operational challenges hindering today’s wealth managers

By William Vellek

Businessman sitting in conference room, looking thoughtful


Legacy systems and processes are a very real problem for today’s wealth managers. These systems lack integration, struggle to scale with increased data from new asset classes, and require manual workarounds that introduce operational and reputational risk. Capturing market opportunity, managing exposures, and achieving business objectives for growth require a nimble operational infrastructure that can easily adapt to the ever-evolving investment market. Continue reading

Integrated advisor desktop helps build long-lasting client relationships

By Ed Wright

Couple talking to financial advisor in living room

It’s well reported that 10,000 baby boomers retire every day. In this phase, their trusted relationship with their advisor is of utmost importance as they look to maintain their wealth and plan for an eventual transfer of assets to their heirs. Advisors who involve heirs early on often do better longer-term in maintaining that relationship. Studies find that 66% of advisors are fired by the children of the client during the wealth transfer, and up to 70% of women leave their advisor after becoming widowed. Continue reading

SS&C innovates their way to two more awards

By Alexander Newman

Alt Credit Awards

The prestigious Alt Credit European Services Awards 2017 celebrates and rewards outstanding service providers that have demonstrated growth, excellent customer service, and product innovation. This year SS&C GlobeOp scooped up two awards, which are judged independently by a panel of leading hedge fund COOs and CFOs. We were recognised as the Best Administrator for Innovation and Best Debt/Loan Administration Overall. Continue reading

SS&C CommonWealth clients win big at the Canadian Hedge Fund Awards

By Mackenzie Crawford, Managing Director, SS&C CommonWealth

This month four SS&C CommonWealth clients took home awards at the 10th annual Canadian Hedge Fund Awards Conference in Toronto. Alongside 160 hedge fund managers and industry experts, I attended to celebrate the year’s accomplishments in Canada’s hedge fund industry. Continue reading

Insights from SS&C 2017 Asia Investment Management Summit: Build vs. buy

By Leo Chan

Asia summit 2

I had the opportunity to host a panel discussion at the SS&C Asia Investment Management Summit on the pros and cons of building or outsourcing technology – “build vs. buy.”  The panel members included Stanley Yu, Executive Director, Group Technology UBS Wealth Management; Terence Tam, Head of Wealth Management Technology Asia ex Japan, Nomura; and Alek Kwok, Director of Professional Services Group for Asia, SS&C Institutional & Investment Management. Continue reading

Are your client reports keeping up with your clients’ demand?

By Matthew Mancini


The results of a recent SS&C poll of attendees at the New York and London Summit for Asset Management conferences find that 100 percent of respondents agree that client reporting is important, and the majority (75.5 percent) stress that it is extremely important to their firms’ acquisition and retention strategies. Continue reading