The right technology partner makes month-end processing easy and efficient

By Eric Decker

Month-end accounting and reporting is challenging for portfolio managers. Today’s hybrid security types, non-standard day count conventions, complex prepayment assumption models, and amortization/accretion methodologies make pricing bonds more complex. Unpredictable market forces and multiple valuation and rating sources make it harder to apply timely and reliable data to your investment decisions and to mitigate risk exposure.

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All systems go! Attending IASA 2017

By Jen Molgano

Amidst 1,000 attendees and key players in the insurance space, we were thrilled to showcase the SS&C booth, catch-up with our clients, and meet new people at IASA 2017. We had an enjoyable, busy three days at the event—hosting a raffle for two tickets to Universal Studios, leading two vendor connect tours, moderating the Chief Investment Officer Roundtable, and kicking off our insurance survey.

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Leveraging predictive models: The right approach for your institution?

By Lauren Smith

Predictive models will have a direct impact on an institution’s ability to support the CECL estimate. Given this, institutions should thoroughly evaluate the costs and benefits of using a modeled versus a non-modeled approach. Predictive models require significant investment, including upfront development and validation as well as ongoing maintenance. However, the benefits of leveraging predictive models include a streamlined reserving process and greater transparency into a potentially volatile estimate.

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Making Year-End Accounting Procedures More Manageable

By: Qualitech

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It’s a good time to look over year-end procedures for the accounting system you use. You may  need a refresher since you likely haven’t thought of these procedures in a while. It is also not unusual for accounting software packages to change their required year-end procedures or have a year-end software update. Looking into these possibilities now can save you a headache down the road. Such basic year-end activities include:

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Effectively Manage Property Assets with the Right Tool

By: Anton Systems

Milano Blue Skies: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Facility maintenance requires more than just the day-to-day interaction of work order-driven issues; it should also include the complete tracking of all the assets of the properties being managed. Assets start from the building shell and include any improvements of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). Tracking assets can be daunting when you add up what needs to be maintained and depreciated (e.g.  roofs, HVAC systems, elevators, etc.).
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