Want a more profitable wealth management practice? Technology gets you there

By Stephen Newman

Today’s wealth managers are always looking for ways to enhance their client service. Our recent webinar looked at a number of trends in the marketplace and how managers can provide clients with more personal service while still efficiently managing their businesses, growing their client base, and ensuring they’re on top of compliance obligations.

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FundHub Q&A

By: Mike Megaw & Justin Meagher

Earlier this month, Michael Megaw, Managing Director, SS&C GlobeOp Regulatory and Analytics, hosted a webinar featuring Hans Hufschmid, Co-Founder of GlobeOp announcing the launch of our new FundHub solution. We received various questions around this new offering and although we weren’t able to answer them all during the webinar, we’d like to provide you a roundup of the Q&As.

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The many benefits of tax process automation

By John Pavlakis

In an increasingly complex business world, the benefits of tax process automation have been known for some time. Automating a tax process increases compliance accuracy, efficiency, collaboration, and transparency. It also mitigates undue burdens on personnel, frees up time for greater data analysis, and allows for a more sustainable tax platform.

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What the new U.S. administration means for the DOL Fiduciary Rule

By Bryan Bashaw

Contrary to initial speculation, it looks as though the Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule will continue to be enforced under the new U.S. administration. This gives an advantage to wealth managers that operate as a fiduciary.

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Industry best practices for improving transparency for limited partner fund fees

By Lorelei Graye

The fees paid to investment managers are under scrutiny.  Recent events, like California’s fee transparency bill and Congress’s evaluation of private college endowments, are focusing more attention on fees investment managers receive for the funds they manage.  Many Limited Partners (LPs) are assessing methods to collect accurate and consistent fee data including carried interest across their private equity portfolios.

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Access – a key issue of cyber risks

By Lisa McLaughlin, Information Security Officer

Today, cyber threats are real and ever changing. In response, regulatory rules must constantly evolve in attempt to mitigate this dynamic threat. In the first of this two-part blog series, we’ll take a look into the complex roles of in-house attorneys and security professionals, and how they are intrinsic to the success of your business by protecting your organization’s sensitive information.

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FCA financial crime returns debut in 2017

By: Johnathan Marr & Justin Meagher

Effective December 31, 2016, firms subject to UK Money Laundering Regulations (MLRs) must also file financial crime returns (REP-CRIM).  In this post we’ll lay out the details of REP-CRIM and what you should know about the new regulations and how they may affect your business.

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Building the foundations of enhanced investment data analytics

By:  Van Nguyen

relaxing trader

Today’s savvy investors are interested in complex investment strategies that involve emerging asset classes and portfolios with a global exposure. This adds pressure to data management systems as investment managers seek to make the best decisions, provide timely reporting, and meet regulatory requirements.
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Need to Fact-Check Your Data? We Can Help

By: David Craig

Fact Check. True or False

It seems with every new election season, there are more and more accusations of false statements and the call for immediate fact-checking. It’s hard to avoid – just turn on the television, look at your phone, or log on to your computer and you are inundated with messages telling you to check the facts. Luckily, for those inclined to look, this task has become almost deceptively easy with news organizations, social media, and web pages specifically designed to instantly check and comment on anything the candidates say or do.
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