The challenges of data normalization

By Giles Smart and Justin Meagher

Today’s financial managers operate in a strict regulatory landscape that can be overwhelming and challenging. Many are struggling to stay on top of the new financial rules (e.g. AIFMD, EMIR, MiFID II, Solvency II, FATCA, and Dodd-Frank) while still effectively servicing their clients.

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SS&C adds 360View to its managed data service

By Louie Iannuzzi

Having the capability to aggregate data from multiple vendors is not only crucial for managing assets on a global platform; it is a necessity. In today’s day and age where manual price validation represents a major source of cost and risk, the investment management industry is increasingly turning to managed data service providers for automated, efficient pricing services, and data validation tools.

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Asset management: Data accuracy is key

By Dianna Farkas, SS&C GWP, I&IM

Without accurate asset information, asset management decision making and client reporting are unreliable and expose you and your company to unnecessary risk. What’s the best way to ensure your asset information is always accurate and up-to-date? Let’s find out.

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8 tips for the CECL transition

By Lauren Smith, CPA

Industry experts are calling CECL one of the most significant changes for financial institutions. Some have even gone so far as to hail CECL the “biggest change – ever – to bank accounting.” Nonetheless, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and banking regulators assert that institutions will be able to leverage current risk management and reserving practices as a basis for implementing CECL. To help, we’ve outlined 8 considerations for your transition to CECL.

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Building the foundations of enhanced investment data analytics

By:  Van Nguyen

relaxing trader

Today’s savvy investors are interested in complex investment strategies that involve emerging asset classes and portfolios with a global exposure. This adds pressure to data management systems as investment managers seek to make the best decisions, provide timely reporting, and meet regulatory requirements.
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Solutions Providers: More Than Simply Technology Suppliers

By: Iwona Olszewska

Business People Meeting Growth Success Target Economic Concept

Growing regulatory requirements, continual introduction of new financial products, increasing volumes of data, and never-ending cybersecurity threats demand that financial services firms choose investment accounting solutions and providers that offer exceptional expertise and flexibility. While the starting point is a proven technology platform that can quickly accommodate change, technology is simply a tool. It is the expertise and insight of the team building and supporting the tool that provide the speed and agility to accommodate new asset classes, regulations, and markets necessary to keep you competitive in the future. Continue reading

Smooth Operations: It’s All in the Data Details

By: Ian Searle

Diagrams projecting from tablet

Data management has always been a key focus area for asset and wealth managers. Now that more detailed and granular analysis is required, it’s critical managers have the proper tools to manage the vast amounts of information needed to run their operations smoothly and efficiently. Continue reading