AIFMD II: What should we expect? – Part 2

By Alastair Hewitt

European policymakers have to deal with Brexit and its implications, and this naturally supersedes AIFMD II. It is believed that an AIFMD market study (due to report mid-2018) has already been put out for tender by the European Commission (EC). This would delay any AIFMD II proceedings.

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AIFMD II: What should we expect? – Part 1

By Alastair Hewitt

The European Commission will begin to review AIFMD in July, 2017. Managers want some policies eliminated, especially remuneration limits for material risk takers aimed at alternative fund managers (AIFMs). Since this is a politically sensitive subject, it is unlikely to change.

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The Role of Blockchain in Fund Management

By: Alex Tarantino

Blackboard relating to Blockchain.

Blockchain – also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) –  is without a doubt a market disruptor and a regular topic on the agenda at Fund Forum International in Berlin. Blockchain is a database with cryptography so unique that it cannot be manipulated and is therefore unvarying. In other words, a financial institution reports information to the Blockchain and it cannot be changed. Continue reading

Fund Managers in APAC Face Challenges with Foreign Regulations

By: Wout Kalis

Compliance Concept on İnterface Touch Screen

A growing number of APAC managers want to diversify their investor base beyond regional Asian markets, looking at Europe and the United States as potential targets. Entering new global markets can be challenging though, especially adapting to different regulatory requirements. It’s important to understand what’s needed for entering these markets. Continue reading