Outsourcing in the funds industry – Part two

By Colin Keane

Ireland economy concept

During 2016, the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) reviewed the outsourcing arrangements of several fund administrators to determine the level of outsourcing performed and the governance and oversight in place for these outsourced activities.

In the first part of our outsourcing in the funds industry series, we overview the CBI’s first recommendation: management and internal control measures. In this second part, we look at the final two areas. Continue reading

SS&C survey reveals private equity firms focused on operational efficiency, governance, and transparency – Part 2

By Joe Patellaro

In part 1 of this series, we talked about how today’s private equity firms are increasingly focused on transparency and the current regulatory environment. Here, we examine what respondents say about asset class growth.

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Ireland, the jurisdiction of choice for global fund managers

By Colin Keane

Global fund managers consider Ireland their domicile of choice; since 2012, the assets serviced in Ireland have doubled. Eighteen of the top twenty global asset managers have Irish funds, and over 800 fund managers across 50 countries are being serviced in Ireland. It’s no surprise that Ireland is quickly being recognized as the domicile of choice for investment funds.

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