Private equity study reveals firms increasingly focused on operational efficiency, governance, and transparency – Part 1

By Joe Patellaro

A recent SS&C survey of private equity professionals (SS&C customers) and 2017 SuperReturn international conference attendees shows an increased focus on private equity operational efficiency. The data reveals that 88 percent of respondents reported being more operationally focused today compared to three years ago.

The reasons behind this are varied, but ultimately map back to protecting investor interests.

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Fund administrators have to keep up with a dynamic market

By Eamonn Greaves

Ours is hardly a static business. The services and capabilities fund administrators deliver are driven by client needs, which are constantly evolving. Flexibility and an adaptable technology infrastructure are critical to success. The primary goal of any fund administrator is to retain clients and ensure they’re receiving what they need, including timely and accurate regulatory filings.

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Trends in Fund Administration: Consolidation, Fee Alignment and Blurring Lines of Business

By Eamonn Greaves


Earlier this year SS&C completed the acquisition of Citi Fund Services, a deal that highlights a couple of key trends we are seeing in the industry: a general consolidation and the decision by some large banks to exit the fund admin business.
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Today’s Investors Demand More From Their Hedge Funds

By: Ron Tannenbaum

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Today’s savvy institutional investors demand more from the hedge funds in their portfolios. They expect hedge funds to consistently deliver sustainable performance, effectively manage cyber threats, hire the best service providers, and be flexible with their fee structures. Are you doing the right things to keep your investors happy? Continue reading