To diminish information gap, FCA changes AIFMD (Reporting) Instrument 2017

By Uma Sheth & Justin Meagher

On 25 January, 2017, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) made several changes to their handbook. One such change was to CP 16/17 – Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (reporting) Instrument 2017.  The change to this instrument closes a significant information gap between the activities and risks incurred by alternative investment fund managers who have a broad presence in the UK.

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AIFMD II: What should we expect? – Part 2

By Alastair Hewitt

European policymakers have to deal with Brexit and its implications, and this naturally supersedes AIFMD II. It is believed that an AIFMD market study (due to report mid-2018) has already been put out for tender by the European Commission (EC). This would delay any AIFMD II proceedings.

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Millennial investors demand solid ESG policies and transparency, part 2

By Nick Curwen

In the first of our two-part blog series, we talked about millennials, how they are likely to invest, and the depth of their investment knowledge. We now address how strong, solid transparency and ESG policies will attract this elusive investor.

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Trends in Fund Administration: Consolidation, Fee Alignment and Blurring Lines of Business

By Eamonn Greaves


Earlier this year SS&C completed the acquisition of Citi Fund Services, a deal that highlights a couple of key trends we are seeing in the industry: a general consolidation and the decision by some large banks to exit the fund admin business.
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Outsourcing: Experience is Key

By: Stephanie Miller

Outsourcing Career Employment Hiring Recruitment Concept

Hedge funds want to simplify their operating model and create a more sophisticated and joined-up approach to middle- and back-office outsourcing. Managing multiple technology provider relationships can be complex and expensive, particularly as managers move towards esoteric or illiquid products. How can firms work to overcome this? Either outsource all your middle- and back-office duties to one provider, or establish a co-sourced relationship. Outsourced or co-sourced relationships leave the middle- and back-office details to others so managers can focus on keeping their clients happy. Continue reading

Brexit: complex times call for strong, experienced service providers

By: Tom Kirkpatrick

Brexit Direction Sign

The United Kingdom (UK) electorate’s decision on June 23 to leave the European Union (EU) caught some managers off-guard. Now, firms must consider what operational changes are required to support their businesses moving forward.
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