Changes in the investment management industry: Are you ready to adapt?

By Bryan Bashaw

There are some big changes happening in today’s investment management industry. Experts agree that these changes will continue and firms must be prepared to adapt. This shift is happening across products, business models, and the way in which clients are served, which poses some challenges.

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SS&C adds 360View to its managed data service

By Louie Iannuzzi

Having the capability to aggregate data from multiple vendors is not only crucial for managing assets on a global platform; it is a necessity. In today’s day and age where manual price validation represents a major source of cost and risk, the investment management industry is increasingly turning to managed data service providers for automated, efficient pricing services, and data validation tools.

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Finding the best middle- and back-office solutions for your business

By: Jad Fares

Current rising markets and increased competition are drastically changing the investment management landscape, putting pressure on your middle- and back-office. In order to stay competitive, you need a state-of-the-art solution that provides unparalleled performance measurement, attribution, and reconciliation functions.

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