When standards collide: The race for adoption

By Michael Volpe

“The wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.”  Rear Admiral (Ret) Grace Hopper

In our recent blog “Building a digital enrollment ecosystem,” we discussed the workgroup formed by LIMRA to address non-healthcare related employee benefits data. Health enrollment data has been standardized by federal law to use the HIPAA 834 enrollment specification format; however, no such standards exist for data from other employee and ancillary benefits (e.g. life, disability, critical illness, etc.).

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Building a digital enrollment ecosystem

By Michael Volpe

Unlike health insurance companies, group and voluntary/worksite carriers don’t have an equivalent to the HIPAA 834 enrollment EDI standard specification, so each carrier is left to create its own proprietary format. For employers and enrollment firms that work with many carriers, creating and maintaining data feeds is expensive. Unlike health insurance benefits, group and voluntary/worksite benefit plan designs are not always straightforward tier-based coverages. Therefore, carriers and enrollment firms spend significant resources to ensure proper configuration of business rules and validity of election data.

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