Reaping the benefits of a cloud-based service model: Insights from SS&C

By Munther Haddad

Many companies are departing from traditional deployed software models in favor of hosted and cloud-based services. According to Adox Research Follow The Money Insights, a survey of trade lifecycle automation priorities of 72 large asset management firms, shows that managers are extending the use of hosted and managed services in targeted areas in the middle and back-office. This shift is being amplified by the fact that cloud and hosting services can provide clients with more scalability and efficiency. To put the icing on the cake, these services can also automate day-to-day activities, support disaster recovery, as well as deliver database administration and monitoring services. Continue reading

SS&C Deliver 2017: panels and presentations for institutional managers

By Jen Molgano

We have a full agenda for our institutional and investment manager clients at SS&C Deliver 2017 this year! Taking place September 12-14 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, our sessions and a speaker line-up include interactive demonstrations of our new solutions, discussions around outsourcing trends, and industry best practices. Here is just a sampling of sessions.

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Blast From the Past: Lessons Learned From the Largest Bankruptcy in US History

By Dalvin Estrada

Business graph with arrows tending downwards

September 2016 marks eight years since Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. The anniversary was acknowledged by former employees who still think fondly of the work they did for one the world’s largest investment banks. The filing remains the largest bankruptcy filing in US history, with $639 billion in assets and $619 billion in debt. Its assets far surpassed those of previous big bankruptcies like WorldCom and Enron.

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