Why is the right exception management solution critical to your firm?

By Russ Petrucci

Business time management

Many firms fall on two sides of an awareness spectrum. Most are aware that they spend too much time aggregating, normalizing, and reconciling their data post trade, but are unwilling to do anything about it. Others are unaware of technology that offers greater efficiency for their post-trade operational cycle and believe that Excel is the answer to all their problems. No matter what side of the spectrum they fall on, these firms may be missing the boat on what really matters. Continue reading

Out-of-date methods and manual processes are slowing you down

By Dianna Tokic Farkas

If it’s not broken, why fix it? Without even realizing it, many of us waste time during the workday. Out-of-date methods and manual processes tie up time, efforts, and budgets. Many tasks could be easily automated and further optimized. Yet, you are stuck in inefficiency because you may not be aware of the options available. Ask yourself, “Is there a better, easier, more efficient way for me to handle the different areas in my finance department? What if my needs were offered by one provider and one single point of contact?”

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A one-stop solution for your data reconciliation needs

By Joe Souza

SS&C’s outsourced reconciliation platform utilizes our best-in-class data integration services (Evare) to feed the industry’s premier reconciliation platform (Recon) with daily exceptions and reporting, all managed by SS&C’s Outsourcing division. This combination creates the most efficient exception management solution possible.

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Streamlining the post-trade communications process, part 4

By Van Nguyen

In the securities industry, lack of systems integration, external connectivity, IT resources, and incompatible data formats all negatively impact post-trade communications, compliance, and reconciliation.

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CAM reconciliation season is here again

By Anton Systems, Inc. A Florida-based preferred SKYLINE partner

Here it is again – Common Area Maintenance (CAM) reconciliation season. Management is waiting for accounting to finalize their numbers so they can get the reconciliation billings out. But commercial and retail management reconciliations are some of the more complicated types to evaluate and finalize, with anchor specific on the retail side and gross up expenses on the office management side.

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